Foot Health Week

Foot Health Week

Do you....

> Have painful feet?
> Experience leg pain?
> Have painful knees?
> Experience sore hips?
> Find walking or standing uncomfortable?
> Experience leg or foot pain during sport?
> Need advice on correct footwear?

If You Answered Yes to any of these questions you need to see a Podiatrist!

Our feet are a very important part of our body and often we don't notice this until something goes wrong. Our foot Health is commonly overlooked and dismissed when treatments and services are readily available to help.

The Australian Podiatry Association has launched a campaign "Pods get you...moving, pain-free and living a fuller life". We are very happy to accompany this campaign and promote FREE Foot Pain Assessments for Foot Health Week.

Foot pain can be severely debilitating and reduce our quality of life. It can effect anyone of any age. Some causes of foot pain include Plantar Fasciitis, Neuromas, Bursitis, growing pains, callouses, thickened nails, ingrowing toe nails and many more! Impaired nerve and blood supply can also be a factor for foot pain.

Our Podiatrist, Rebecca Snowden is extremely passionate about providing foot health education and care. If you have any concerns about foot pain, get in contact with one of our friendly staff to make an appointment for you FREE foot pain assessment.

*Free Foot Pain Assessment is only valid from 15th October-21st October 2018

*We Bulk Bill Podiatry- if you are interested in this call our reception today!

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