Occupational Therapy

The Complete Approach to Healthy Living

What can we help you with?

The goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in their daily activities. An occupational therapist can assist you if you are having difficulty with any tasks around the home or at work. They can also provide you with advice or recommendations on assistive equipment or devices.

Occupational Therapists can also provide recommendations on the installation of grab rails and/or other minor modifications to increase safety and independence around the home. You may also find it beneficial if you wish to learn strategies for the management of chronic pain and/or other chronic conditions

Occupational Therapists can work with children, adolescents and their families to promote their independence in every day activities. The following are areas that occupational therapists can work collaboratively with a child and their family to achieve success:

  • Sleep

  • Dressing and Bathing

  • Toileting

  • Eating

  • Fine motor skills (handwriting, cutting, using small objects)

  • Play and Social skills

  • School skills

  • Attention and Concentration

  • Behaviour and Emotional Regulation

  • Sensory difficulties

Complete Rehab Occupational Therapists

Our expert team of kind, caring and compassionate Occupational Therapists aim to improve your overall quality of life. With expertise and interests in a range of different fields from Home Modifications, Aged Care, Mental Health and Paediatrics, we will have an Occupational Therapist to assist you with whatever you may need.

We can see you in the Clinic or in your own home!

We are also NDIS Registered.

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