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Complete Rehab Pregalates

A safe and effective workout for expecting mothers, Pregnancy Pilates helps maintain, mobilise and strengthen your essential muscles. Taken by our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Annalise, our Pregalates class is customised to tailor each of your individual needs.

Exercising while pregnant can help to prepare your body for the birthing process and recovery following birth. It can also help relieve muscle and joint-pain that may develop throughout your pregnancy.

If you are interested in joining our Pregalates class you will need:

  • An initial consultation with our Women’s Health Physiotherapist Annalise (if you wish to claim your classes through private health)

  • GP clearance


Individual Class $15
10 Pack Classes $120

You can claim this through your Private Health Insurance

If you would like to book a class please call our friendly reception team.

*Pregalates is only available at our Margate clinic