What is Sciatica?

Sciatica is generally known as a type of nerve pain commonly referred to as an irritation of the Sciatic Nerve that runs down the back of the leg.

The Sciatic nerve job is to innervate all the muscles, joints and sensation in the legs.  Some causes of Sciatic nerve irritation can include compression from trauma for example a car accident, bone spurs on vertebrae that touch the sciatic nerve, decreased spinal canal area or tight muscles.

Sciatica is therefore different from other types of back pain in the sense that these specific diagnoses have treatments that can help to fix or manage the pain or its activity associated flare ups.

Typically, people with sciatica may find that completing any activity that they would usually do becomes a ‘big chore’.

Sciatica is common in some form or another and usually presents with pain, numbness and/or tingling. However, this is becoming more and more normal with experts suggesting 3.7 million Australians or 16% of the total population have reported having back pain issues currently*.

Treatment of Sciatica depends on the cause. However, treatment at Complete Rehab can include postural education, core activation, workplace desk set-up and exercise prescription for mobility and strength.

At Complete Rehab we have a team of allied health professionals including physiotherapists and exercise physiologists who can collaboratively help your back pain.

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