Type 2 Diabetes Management Class 

Are you eligible for our T2DM programme that is fully subsided by Medicare?
(no out-of-pocket cost for patients)

How to become eligible?

1. Diagnosed with T2DM

2. Receive and Accepted referral from your GP. The management plan of MBS 721 or 732

3. Book in an initial one-on-one assessment. This will allow the team to identify your individual goal and needs.

What: 8 Group sessions/classes 

Where: 328 Oxley Av, Margate in the Margate Studio Hub 

What: 4x Exercise Physiologist and x4 Dietitian sessions that last upto 60-minutes.  Includes initial and final individual assessment.

When: Every Monday 5th-26th November @ 3pm with Dietitian and @ 4pm with Exercise Physiologist

Who: Exercise Physiologist, Heidi.  Dietitian, Rachel

Call our Reception today to book or if you have any questions!